Team Finland Asia Day

Keskiviikko 13.9.2017 klo 09.00 –  15.00

Team Finland

ASIA2030: Prepare for future business

Asia Pacific is already the largest contributor to global growth with 60% share. In 2040, the area will contribute 80% of the world’s growth. After the United States, the world’s second and third largest economies are in Asia: China and Japan. In 2017, the fastest growing economy in the world is also in Asia: India, followed closely by many South East Asian economies.
The former Team Finland China Day is now Asia day. The world is fuzzier than ever, China is streching its mucles else where in Asia through Belt and Road and building artificial islands and the U.S. is no longer necessarily a stabilising actor in the Asia Pacific. What do the changing landscapes mean to your business strategies?

The event starts with a strategic view of key developments in these powerful economies: China, India and Japan – all provided by top experts and with first-hand experience in the field. As mega trends always open opportunities for businesses, we then delve into concrete business opportunities in selected key areas: healthcare, smart and flexible energy, future mobility and smart cities in China, India, Japan and parts of the South East Asia. You will meet businesses that are already in these markets and Team Finland network member supporting your endeavors.

Networking is an important element of the event and businesses are encouraged to network and map out business partnership opportunities with companies that operate in Asia or those that aim to get there. Event participants can book 15-minute long one-on-one meetings with each other and with the representatives of Team Finland network. All registered delegates will receive further information on the Meeting Manager Service prior to the event.

You may also follow the event through webcast, which does not require registration. Link to the webcast can be found on the top of the program tab closer to the event.

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