Steering Group

The Prime Minister acts as chairman of Team Finland’s Steering Group. The Steering Group meets about four times a year and is responsible for the strategic steering guiding the Team Finland network’s activities and for setting the objectives of the network’s activities.

In addition to the Prime Minister, the Steering Group includes the Minister of Economic Affairs and the Minister for Foreign Trade and Development as well as the permanent secretaries of the ministries central to Team Finland’s activities (the Prime Minister’s Office, the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Employment, the Ministry for Foreign Affairs, the Ministry of Education and Culture) and four corporate representatives. The composition ensures interaction between the corporate world and central government. The External Economic Relations Unit at the Prime Minister’s Office serves as the Secretariat for the Steering Group and supports the Prime Minister in planning and preparing the matters handled by the Steering Group.

The Chairman of the current Steering Group, appointed in August 2015, is Prime Minister Juha Sipilä and the Vice Chairman is Risto Siilasmaa, Chairman of the Board of Nokia Corporation and F-Secure Corporation.

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