We provide a wide range of financing services, from aid and grants to loans and guarantees.


Finnvera loan


Companies can apply for a loan from Finnvera in situations where they have, for some reason or other failed to secure fundingarrange financing from market-based financiers. As a rule, Finnvera loans cannot be used to fund the entire project. Instead, Finnvera normally divides the risk involved among other financiers.


- The company can use this loan for purposes such as investing in machinery, equipment or buildings, or financing working capital needs and corporate restructuring.

- On special grounds, financing can also be granted for a Finnish company's business operations abroad.

How to make use of this service 

You can contact Finnvera directly via its electronic service or the related telephone service at +358 29 460 2580.

Loans granted by Finnvera must be repaid in full and they carry a price equivalent to the company's risk. The available securities will also affect the final price.

Finnvera guarantee


Absolute guarantee by Finnvera serves as collateral which helps companies to meet their financing needs at various stages of development. Enterprises can use Finnvera's guarantees as securities credit or other contingent liability from banks, insurance companies or other lenders. Finnvera guarantees can facilitate access to financing in cases where the company's own guarantees are insufficient for securing funding.


- Guarantees can serve as collateral when financing investments in machinery, equipment or buildings, working capital needs and various corporate restructurings.

- Such guarantees can serve as counter guarantees for delivery guarantees provided by banks and, on special grounds, for financing a Finnish company's business operations abroad.

How to make use of this service

You can contact Finnvera directly via its electronic service or the telephone service at +358 29 460 2580.

A price equivalent to the company's risk is charged for Finnvera guarantees. The available securities also affect the final price.

Finnvera export guarantee


Insurance provided to an export company for covering the credit risks involved in export trade, or guarantee to the export financier (creditor) against credit risks associated with the foreign buyer (debtor), or the buyer's bank or the country.


- Companies can use the export guarantee to insure receivables from a foreign buyer or its financiers against commercial and/or political  risks involved in export trade.

- The export guarantee can also be used to improve the possibility of obtaining funding for export  trade.

- When trading in capital goods, the export guarantee can be used when arranging funding for foreign buyers or debtors in export trade.

How to make use of this service

You can contact Finnvera directly via its electronic service. After receiving an application, Finnvera will perform a preliminary analysis of the project to be funded and its own prospects for becoming involved.

The pricing of Finnvera export guarantees is based on risk rating reflecting the credit risk associated with the target organisation (enterprise or bank). In addition, pricing is influenced by the risk period, the risks covered and the credit rating of the buyer, debtor and target country.

Business Finland innovation funding


Business Finland funding enables a company to test the functionality of a business concept on a new export market, develop the know-how needed for international growth, develop and pilot internationally successful products and services, and improve the process of innovation and leadership.

Find the Business Finland funding service suited to your situation:

Funding for startup companies

Business Finland funding for startups is intended for companies less than 5 years old. A company can test the functionality of a business concept on a new export market, obtain feedback from customers and can turn out the first demos or prototypes quickly. Business Finland also funds research, development and piloting, and the development of innovation activities and rapidly scalable business.

Funding for SME and midcap companies

Business Finland provides funding for small and medium-sized and midcap enterprises that are aiming at international markets or looking to expand their international business. Alongside research and development and piloting, the company can use Business Finland funding to develop its know-how in many ways. For example, a company can develop its organisation, map out demand on export markets and acquire know-how to strengthen its innovation activities.

Funding for large companies

Business Finland also provides funding for the research and development projects of large companies and for the development of their know-how.


- funding enables a company to set higher goals, achieve results faster and speed up its access to export markets.

- funding is a grant or a loan. A grant need not be repaid. Loans are unsecured and have a low interest rate.

More information

Business Finland's funding services.

Business development aid by Centres for Economic Development, Transport and the Environment


Centres for Economic Development, Transport and the Environment grant SMEs aid for the development of their business operations. Items covered include the development of business competencies, internationalisation, the development of products, services and production methods, the preparation of projects and other major development issues. Applications can be submitted to Centres for Economic Development, Transport and the Environment. Such aid covers up to 50 per cent of the project costs. Funding is targeted at projects through which the company aims to enhance its efficiency, or diversify or refocus. Eligible costs include outsourced services, wage and travel costs, participation in trade fairs and exhibitions, and raw material and semi-finished products acquired for product development purposes. Subsidies are paid after such measures have been implemented. We recommend that you contact the Centre for Economic Development, Transport and the Environment while your project is still in the planning stage.

Benefits for companies

- This subsidy spurs companies to engage in the target-oriented development of their operations.

- It also enables risk sharing during the implementation of major projects.

How to make use of this service

You can contact the Centres for Economic Development, Transport and the Environment via their electronic service (in Finnish).

Finnish Industry Investment's venture capital and private equity investments


Finnish Industry Investment (FII) invests in the most promising Finnish companies in growth and internationalisation phases. FII's investments are part of a financing package, put together with, and on the same terms as private investors. FII assesses the firm's business plan, growth potential, product and service innovativeness, management and market outlook. FII also looks at the project's importance to economic activity, technological expertise and job creation in Finland.


- FII increases the availability of risk financing for innovative growth companies and boosts their chances of growth and succeeding in international markets.

- Companies gain capital, expertise and networks enabling growth in international markets.

- Equity investments can strengthen your balance sheet while enabling growth and internationalisation.

- Finnish Industry Investment participates in business development as a minority shareholder, mainly via board activities.

- FII invests together and on the same terms with private investors and FII's share of the total investment round cannot exceed 50%. FII invests on market terms and aims to exit the investment with other owners in an agreed time span.

How to make use of this service

Further information is available here.

You can contact Finnish Industry Investment directly:

- Heli Kerminen, Director, Venture Capital investments, tel. +358 40 077 2833, heli.kerminen(at)

- Jussi Hattula, Director, Growth and Industrial investments, tel. +358 40 066 9955, jussi.hattula(at)

- Matias Kaila, Director, Fund investments, tel. +358 40 720 1324, matias.kaila(at)



Finnfund financing for projects in developing countries and Russia


Finnfund provides long-term financing for the establishment or expansion projects of  Finnish companies or their partners in developing countries. Financial instruments include minority equity investments, investment loans, subordinated loans or other forms of mezzanine financing, and guarantees.


- Financing is available for projects in developing countries with no guarantee necessary from the Finnish parent company.

- The company benefits from Finnfund's contact network and experience in developing markets.

- Involvement of a stable, state-owned financier enhances the credibility of projects.

- Funding is provided on market terms and the details are agreed specifically for each project.

How to make use of this service   

Further information is available here.

You can contact directly Finnfund's investment teams, tel. +358 9 348 434 (exchange) and Associate Director Antti Urvas, p. 045 113 0547, antti.urvas(at)

Finnpartnership‘s financial support for activities in developing countries


Finnpartnership's Business Partnership Support can be granted to Finnish companies and other organisations for commercially viable, long-term activities aimed at economic cooperation in developing countries (e.g. the establishment of a subsidiary/joint venture, subcontracting, licensing, import, vocational education and training). All projects should contribute to positive development in the target country.


- Companies are better able to assess their business opportunities in developing countries.

How to make use of this service

Further information is available here.

You can also contact Finnpartnership directly, tel. +358 9 348 434 or fp(at)

The service is free of charge.


Trade Fair grant


Business Finland awards Trade Fair grants for the joint international trade fair projects of Finnish SMEs. A grant can be awarded to a group consisting of at least four Finnish SMEs participating in a major trade fair abroad in their sector.

As to amount, a grant may not exceed 50 per cent of the trade fair project’s approved costs, and up to EUR 30,000 for each individual company. The companies should have the wish to grow and internationalise, and they should have the prerequisites for profitable export business.

As a rule, a grant is only awarded for B-to-B events. In addition, the innovativeness and novelty value of the products and services to be presented at the trade fair by a participating company are taken into account when assessing projects.


- Companies receive synergy and cost benefits from working together.

How to make use of this service

Read more here 

You can also contact adviser Heli Flink directly, heli.flink(at)