In order to give recognition to valuable work benefiting the Finnish economy and industry in an international operating environment, and to promote the success of new enterprises in internationalisation efforts, the President of the Republic, upon the presentation of Team Finland’s Board of Directors, can grant a special award to enterprises and the communities behind them.


The award is given for praiseworthy activities or functions and it can therefore be granted to enterprises or communities, or to units operating under them.


When evaluating the eligibility of candidates, special attention shall be paid to the following:


the recipient’s ability to maintain its international competitiveness by renewing its products, services and operating models; success in its own operating sectors on international markets; the extent of growth potential; professional skills in the management of internationalisation, growth and risks, especially in the areas of business management, marketing, technology and growth financing; ability to cooperate in national and international innovation environments; ethically sustainable activities that take nature values into consideration; impacts on the development of Finnish know-how and quality


the recipient’s activities or programmes and industrial policies implemented, with extra emphasis on the promotion of competitiveness, increasing competence and employment, the promotion of foreign investments, and increasing awareness of the Finnish innovation environment.


At most three (3) recognitions may be granted annually, of which at least two (2) must be given to enterprises. There is no call for applications for the award.


The Board of Directors of Team Finland submits a proposal for the award-winners to the President of the Republic after having first heard representatives of the Association for Finnish Work and after having requested proposals widely from various enterprise and business organisations.