Ministry of Economic Affairs and Employment, the Ministry for Foreign Affairs and the Ministry of Education and Culture form the core of the Team Finland network. Other key actors include publicly funded organisations and foreign branches under the management of these ministries Business Finland, Finnvera, Finnfund, Finnpartnership, Tesi, VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland, Finnish Patent and Registration Office, centres for Economic Development, Transport and the Environment, Finnish Cultural and Academic Institutes, Finnish-Russian Chamber of Commerce and Finnish-Swedish Chamber of Commerce). With the county government reform in 2020, the network will also include private sector actors.

Abroad, the Team Finland network is represented by more than 80 local teams. Each local team gathers together the Finnish authorities, publicly funded organisations, and other central actors representing Finland in the particular region. In Finland, an important part of the Team Finland network consists of the 18 local teams in the forthcoming counties.