Board of Directors

The network’s activities are guided by a Board of Directors that gathers the central Team Finland organisations and business representatives round the same table. The Board of Directors is responsible for the operational development and reforming of the Team Finland activities and for ensuring that businesses have access to seamless and smooth service packages.


Ilona Lundström, Director-General, Chair, Ministry of Economic Affairs and Employment
Pekka Soini, Director-General, Vice-Chair, Business Finland

Members of the Board of Directors

Pekka Soini, Business Finland
Jouni Hakala, Confederation of Finnish Industries
Leena Vestala, Center for Economic Development, Transport and the Environment
Timo Vuori, Finnish Chambers of Commerce
Jaana Palojärvi, Ministry of Education and Culture
Susanna Kallama, Suomen Yrittäjät
Markku Keinänen, Ministry for Foreign Affairs