Background information about the award

The Internationalisation Award of the President of the Republic is a recognition granted each year, upon the presentation of Team Finland’s Board of Directors, to Finnish companies and communities that have gained international success. The award is granted by the President of the Republic.

Team Finland collects proposals for companies and communities to be recognized, for presentation to the President of the Republic. Proposals are collected widely among Team Finland’s own network and among enterprise and business organisations.

The candidate can be an enterprise that has made a promising start on the international scene, or a trailblazing enterprise that already has longer experience of international markets. The internationalization award can also be granted to a community that plays an important role in promoting international competitiveness. A community candidate can be an organisation, enterprise or project.

According to the rules, the internationalisation award is a recognition given for activities benefiting the Finnish economy and industry in an international operating environment. The award is also intended to encourage both the winner and other Finnish companies to enter international markets.

The criteria for receiving the award are the enterprise’s success on international markets, profitable growth, the development of Finnish know-how and the responsibility of operations

The Internationalisation Award of the President of the Republic (known as the President’s Export Award up to the year 1999) was founded on the initiative of the Association for Finnish Work in 1967. Until 2015, the candidates for the award were presented to the President by Finpro. Since 2015, the proposal on companies and communities to be recognized has been made by the Board of Directors of Team Finland.


Risto Vuohelainen, Executive Vice President, Finpro