Preparations for the Personalized Health Program

Tekes 20.12.2017 12.02
Press release
Tekes and Finpro have started the preparation of the personalized health program. Businesses and stakeholders are welcome to influence the content of the upcoming Business Finland program - the workshops will begin early next year. The aim is to launch the new program in April 2018.

One of the megatrends of health care is that the treatment is transformed from mass-oriented care towards individual care. Identifying individual effects through, for example, genetic research enables the move from "one disease - one drug" -thinking in the development of medicines into identifying the individual effects of treatment. Personalized medicine gives you the opportunity to anticipate and prevent diseases as well as find the right care at the right time to the right people.

Finland has a good opportunity to become a global pioneer in personalized health if digital databases, bio banks and advanced analytics are utilized effectively in R&D, health services and the business.

New business and expertice boosted by Business Finland

The ingredients of the personalized health ecosystem are already well-rounded: the top companies in data analysis, biotechnology, medicine technology, health technology, prevention, diagnostics, multiomics and interpretation, imaging, remote solutions and health services are here. We have high-quality bio banks and research platforms, education and research, testbeds and accelerators, as well as technology enabling companies. The ecosystem is based on advanced legislation and policies.

The Business Finland Personalized Health Program would support Finnish innovation and top-level research and create a new business around personalized healthcare area, promote growth and renew and create new business life. The program would also help growth companies to raise venture capital and R&D funding, grow new know-how and attract international venture capital, R&D and business units to Finland.

Welcome to the preparation of the program! Stages of preparations will be announced at Business Finland's website and newsletters opening at the beginning of 2018.

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Senior Arviser Outi Tuovila
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Director Minna Hendolin
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