Carinafour: Data indicates the value of services and changes the logics of business

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According to Carinafour, which is based in Kaarina, southwest Finland, business based on traditional transactional trading will change to the purchase of value in the years ahead. Data and analytics will enable the value provided by purchased services to be determined more precisely than before. Carinafour is collaborating with Tekes in a major digital project for production and supply chain systems, which will be launched on the market in the next few years.

Carinafour, a company specialised in enhancing the efficiency of production and supply chains, wants the project industry to switch to value transaction-based trading. The company's founder and Chairman of the Board, Ari Viitanen, says that because of this the company does not really have any competitors.

Other companies are focused on transactional trading.

"We sell value creation and are committed to investment efficiency. In the project business we want to be a company that changes the traditional field," says Viitanen.

Founded in 2012, Carinafour began its activities in the marine industry. Right from outset, the company has carried out customer projects relating to ship building in the international playing field.

Carinafour's customers have also included a number of IT companies, and the company now has the construction industry strongly in its sight. Carinafour is currently also considering new operating models for the project-type automotive industry.

Markets in the project industry

Carinafour began when Ari Viitanen was approaching his 40s. He began to consider how he could make use of the expertise he had accumulated over the course of his career.

Initially, Carinafour did not have an actual business idea. It gradually took shape according to customer needs that spotted.

"We looked for a significant customer problem, which we then began to solve. The Finnish project industry has huge competitiveness potential," says Viitanen.

In his opinion, the industry's ecosystem needs a change.

"Only after the logic and structures of value creation have been revamped can we begin to utilise new remedies, such as digitalisation, for problems in the industry," Viitanen says.

In his view, Carinafour's asset is a competent and committed personnel. All new employees have expanded the company's knowhow.

The business addresses process problems

In practice, Carinafour creates value by seeking a target for investment within the client company. The organisation should then be managed in such a way that added value is realised. In this way customers' competitiveness and quality can be improved, for example, or company growth can be accelerated.

"We do not engage in consulting or interim management. Instead, we seek out problems, which we solve. We then provide the desired pattern of behaviour based on the customer's strategy."

Carinafour also builds entire production operations and systems. The company's advantages are modulated processes through which a construction site, for example, can be set up in just a few days. The company utilises digitalisation, for example, in measuring, guiding, optimising and remote managing. Machine learning and artificial intelligence, among other things, have been raised to the strategic agenda.

Tekes assisted in rapid growth

Carinafour is developing in cooperation with Tekes a digitally remote-controlled production system. Viitanen applauds the fact that Tekes' help has made it possible to obtain the necessary university-based research support for the project.

"Several universities are involved in the project. The business models, for example, have been developed with Turku School of Economics," says Viitanen.

He points out that with the help of Tekes' support Carinafour has developed rapidly. Direct exports currently account for approximately one-fifth of Carinafour's sales.

"By 2020, our aim is for 40 per cent of sales to go straight to export and for 60 per cent to be exported indirectly through our partners."

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