5G will take mobile networks to the next level

Tekes 27.10.2017 12.55
Press release

The new, even faster and more reliable network enables new IoT applications and supports the development of the services and infrastructure of the rapidly digitalizing society.

Finland has a leading role in 5G evolution

5G is the next major step in the evolution of mobile networks. Tekes is supports the development with 5thGear programme, which started in 2014 and ends in 2019. Programme Manager Mika Klemettinen thinks the most radical reform of 5G network is the shift from supporting the inter-human communication to support the inter-machine communication.

"Together with intelligent data analysis and A.I., 5G and related IoT technologies build a new layer for digital platform economy. This layer can then be utilized in building new digital solutions and services regardless of the industry," Klemettinen claims.

"Moreover, the amount of content that can be transferred online is increasing at a rapid pace. The new network solutions also enable favourable growth environment for new application areas, such as Intelligent Transport Systems and industrial applications."

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