Promoting Finland’s country brand

Countries compete with each other in many ways. Competition is linked in part to the images on which people base their choices. A Finnish or another country’s product? A holiday in Finland or in some neighbouring country?

A positive country brand encourages foreign actors to choose Finland, Finnish expertise and Finnish products – whether the choice is made by a tourist, an investor, a consumer or a company. That’s why the country brand matters.

The country brand is a question of reputation. It should be based on Finland’s real strengths. Finland is an efficient and solution-focused country, whose education system and technological expertise are among the best in the world, which has a diverse cultural life, and for which nature is an important resource.

Country brand work is one of Team Finland’s key tasks. In practice, the work is coordinated by the Finland Promotion Board, comprising Team Finland actors. However, Finland’s country brand is not only a matter for Team Finland, but a common issue for all Finns and friends of Finland. Spread the word about Finland abroad!

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The functionality of Finnish society, our close relationship with nature, and a system of basic education that is among the best in the world are not just something to be proud of. If used properly, they can also be efficient tools. The Country Brand Report gives us concrete tasks which, when implemented, will help us develop both our own country and the world around it.

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Culture and education exports

Finnish education and culture are strong components of our country brand. They tell not only of Finland as a country, but also of the Finns as people. Expertise and creativity are our soft power.

Finland’s education system – especially our basic education – has been highly rated in international comparisons. Education has become an export product, and Finnish actors in the field of education are already cooperating closely to open up new markets. Finnish culture, too, is highly visible around the world in many different ways. New world beaters have arisen to take their places alongside our traditional success stories. With the rise of the creative industries, culture and business have come closer to each other.

Strengthening the visibility of Finnish education exports and Finnish culture is one of the collective tasks of the Team Finland network. The Ministry of Education and Culture has a key role in this work, while the Ministry for Foreign Affairs also supports cultural activity abroad. The national education export programme Future Learning Finland is the responsibility of Finpro.

Alongside the Team Finland network, important work in promoting international cooperation in the fields of culture and expertise is done by Finnish cultural and academic institutes operating abroad.

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Updated 7/31/2014

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